ButtaBoxx – Helping to Eradicate Period Poverty. One Boxx at a Time.

The month is jam-packed with many key celebrations, International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day and of course Women’s History Month.

Here at ButtaBoxx, we feel that it’s imperative to not only celebrate these events but to continue to promote and encourage women’s growth, achievements and voices! And in honour of that, we’ve decided to team up with Kwanda.

Kwanda was started to aid and encourage people to give back and continue the enhancement within the black communities. Their vision includes:

  • Providing grants, loans and investment to black-owned businesses
  • Creating safe houses for displaced children
  • Covering training and certification costs for individuals
  • Helping struggling families meet daily living costs

You may read more about Kwanda and their future here.

Period Poverty

The vast majority of us, myself included, take for granted how easy and accessible it is when our monthly cycle comes as we have a magnitude of products at our disposal, but right now…the same cannot be said for many women around the globe and as time goes by, with organisations such as Kwanda and companies like ButtaBoxx who are collaborating and willing to raise and donate funds, we are aiming to change that in the hopes that one day, all women across the globe have easy access to essential products.

According to current statistics – one in ten young women around the world is unable to afford period products. 12% of those are forced to improvise with devices that may be ineffective, unsafe and unhygienic. In accordance with a global survey carried out, the results indicated a whopping 64% of women couldn’t afford to purchase the necessary period products in the years 2017 to 2018 whilst 21% of them face difficulties on a regular basis.
On the contrary to the research carried out above, sales of feminine hygiene products in the western society are  – with the Duquesne University (School of nursing) reporting that according to the Global Industry Analyst, which was cited in USA Today, global sales for feminine hygiene products were $20.62 billion and were predicted to increase in the year 2020 to a worldwide gross figure of $40 billion.

ButtaBoxx’s contribution

In collaboration with Kwanda, we’re pledging a 5% donation per box sale.

ButtaBoxx is incredibly passionate about helping young women feel empowered and in control which is precisely why we’re teaming up with Kwanda to contribute in any way that we can.
With our help and contribution towards this project, Kwanda will be able to provide fifty young women from Mbare High School, Zimbabwe with reusable sanitary products along with complementary accessories that will last up to two-years.

“Our trusted partners Days for Girls Zimbabwe will work with grassroots organisation The Period Care Package Initiative to deliver kits safely and provide menstrual hygiene education virtually.” – Jermaine, Kwanda


The purchasing of a single box can contribute to a woman in need.

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