In light of…’Women’s International Day’, ‘Mother’s Day’ and ‘Women’s History Month’ we decided to honour our female-led, businesses who supply ButtaBoxx and our lovely customers with their amazing products!

To kick off our female founder blog series, we’re introducing…Louise, Founder & Director of ‘Spirit of London Co.’

Who are you and what do you stand for?
I’m Louise, a Vietnamese second-generation immigrant born and raised in Peckham, London.
For me, I always keep 3 things in mind with my business and my life: efficacy, ethics and social good. I need to passionately believe that what I’m doing is positively impacting society otherwise I won’t do it.

What will other people describe you as?
A hard-working perfectionist I reckon – it’s the Virgo in me!

What led you to start Spirit of Summer- what does it bring to the world (or its core audience)?
I began handcrafting my own beauty products after developing eczema and increasingly sensitive skin and struggling to find products that worked for me while matching my values. What started as a lockdown hobby turned into a passion project and so I founded Spirit Of Summer, a natural, organic, vegan, ethical and sustainable beauty brand. Embodying the warmth, joy and glow of summer, we aim to create thoughtful beauty products that are kind to you and to the Earth. There’s only one of you and only one planet we call home, so let’s treat both with love.

Who is it designed for?
Anyone who is conscious about what they put on their body, anyone who wants to read the label and be able to understand what it says, anyone who wants peace of mind knowing that their products are ethically and sustainably made.

How is all going? (The Good/bad & ugly…)
I only launched Spirit Of Summer in December so it’s still early days. I am naturally a bit risk-averse and it was a big investment to take the plunge and start a business, so it’s been quite stressful and nerve-wracking. Growing our audience has been slow but the highs of getting an order or positive feedback or even a new follower can make it feel worth it.

What has the past year been like for you?
Oh wow, I imagine quite similar to a lot of you. It’s honestly been lonely with Covid and all and I’m convinced that I’ve forgotten how to speak to people. This past year has to be one of the most stressful, exciting and odd years of my life with Spirit Of Summer being responsible for most of that.

What is the vision for the brand?
I want to inspire people to make better choices for a more sustainable future. Spirit Of Summer leads by example and makes sustainable beauty more accessible and desirable.

Any personal goals you’d like to share?
I set goals for every month of the year to keep myself motivated and make sure I’m always moving forward. For Spirit Of Summer this year, I’d like to cultivate a community of caring and passionate customers.
For myself personally, I’d like to focus on taking care of myself mentally this year and practice mindfulness.

What is your skincare/beauty regime?
I used to follow the Korean 10 step regime, but nowadays I like to keep things simple and am slowly transitioning to making all the products in my regime myself. I love to oil cleanse with a cleansing balm I’m developing, then toner, a hydrating serum, moisturise, then lock in that moisture with a facial oil I’m developing, and finally sunscreen – never forget your sunscreen!

Who is your favourite woman in history and why?
There are so many women in my life that inspire me every day but one historical woman I’ve always admired is Marie Curie. She broke new ground in a time when science and academia was solely a man’s field and became the first woman to win a Nobel prize and still the only person to win Nobel prizes in 2 different sciences. Her work not only led to the discovery of radioactivity, but it also launched discoveries for cancer cures – truly a legend and an inspiration. 

What are you doing now to make history and what is the legacy you’d like to leave behind?
I love being a part of the wave of eco-conscious brands changing the way we consume. I want to break the mould that big corporations have established and focus more on putting thought and care into beauty products that work while not sacrificing quality or ethics in favour of the bottom line. I want to show people that their choices today can have a huge impact on the world tomorrow.


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