Who doesn’t love sprucing up their nails? moreso, now we’ve included the gorgeous Beau Polish in our latest box! Say goodbye to dull nails and HELLO to dazzling ones this summer. 

You wouldn’t put it on your pets, so why test it on them?

What is Vegan Nail Polish? Vegan nail polish is a product that hasn’t been tested on animals in any shape or form. According to The Vegan Society, some cosmetics are being advertised as vegan, however, that doesn’t always mean animal testing hasn’t taken place. The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark guarantee that a product is free from not only animal testing but doesn’t contain a single ounce of animal. It’s not always clear with brands what goes into their products because sometimes they use special words or codes on their product ingredient list, therefore making it tricky to know if it’s animal free or not. 

4 Reasons to Convert to vegan nail polish

  1. Even if you’re an animal lover and still enjoy a steak, you can have peace of mind knowing your nail polish hasn’t harmed a number of animals during a series of gruelling testing. Sadly, animal testing is still ongoing with multiple companies, from skincare products to nail polishes. By switching to vegan nails, you’re helping to eradicate the process of animal testing.
  2. Green Matters, according to one of their online publications, our nails are potentially absorbing all those harsh chemicals from high street (non-vegan) brands, that’s seeping into our bloodstream. Duke University conducted a study that found, each time we get our nails done, at least one potential hormone-disrupting chemical makes its way into our bodies! Yikes!
  3. By using more natural nail polishes, you’re helping to end animal testing in the cosmetic industry. Do you know how polishes get that gorgeous, shimmery effect? Fish scales, yes, you read that correctly! It’s called Guanine, a crystalline material used to create that effect. Most countries do not legally need to disclose what exactly goes into the perfumes. Did You Know…that musk oil is painfully taken from musk deer, otter genitals and beavers! Not to mention Ambergris, a waxy, dull, flammable substance that is produced in the digestive system of a sperm whale!
  4. Be free from toxins! If you’re looking for non-toxic nail products, it should state the following on the label, free from 3-free, 5-free, 7-free, however, that also might mean you’ll need to apply a few more polish coats, or simply use a white or clear base coat.

Ok – so, we’ve listed a bit of information and four reasons why you should convert! If you’re still indecisive about fully transitioning from chemical-filled polish to a natural, plant-based and animal-derived free version, why not give it a go? Order one of our boxes to sample our latest nail polish and let us know what you think!

You don’t have to be a vegan to appreciate our products, but it helps to be against animal testing!

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