As winter draws close, its a common (and smart) move to want to switch up your skincare routine. This is because seasonal changes can aggravate our skin due to variations in temperature and humidity.
A decrease in humidity, cold temperatures, and the use of our central heating work against our skin and cause dryness.  But worry not dry skin sufferer, because there are plenty of ways to up the moisture factor of your precious skin to see you through winter and beyond.  

The physical barrier is called the epidermis – the brown skin you see when you look in the mirror and it’s made up of cells and lipids (fatty substances) arranged like a physical wall in a brick and mortar structure. Layered directly above the epidermis is a thin, acidic film composed of more lipids, water, urea, amino acids, and friendly bacteria. This is called the chemical barrier. Both barrier mechanisms are intended to trap moisture and stop it from

1. Give Yourself All-Day Hydration  

A daytime moisturiser is a vital part of your skincare routine and even more so during the harsh winter months.

As temperatures drop and the air becomes drier, our skin is at its most vulnerable. And because the effects of winter are more visibly pronounced on darker skin tones, it’s important for us to take extra precaution with protection in the harsh cold of winter. Cleansing and Moisturising While moisturising seems like an absolute no-brainer, retaining moisture throughout the day can be a challenge in frigid, dry weather. Creating the best infrastructure for your skin to maintain the ability to retain moisture starts with cleansing. Several dermatologists advise that you limit your showers  to five minutes using lukewarm water vs. hot water because as comforting as long, hot showers in the winter might be, they tend to dry out the skin.” Another routine to cut back on in the winter is exfoliating.

2. Exfoliate 

Black skin can look grey when there’s a build-up of dead skin cells. The skin depends on a carefully balanced water and acid environment to shed dead cells effectively. Due to the propensity for black skin to readily lose water during winter months, your skin needs a helping hand to shed stubborn skin cells. The key is not to over exfoliate  (as this can lead the skin to feel dryer and cause inflammation) but instead use mild cleansers  when washing the face and moisturisng body washes . You ideally want to use products that do not strip the skin of its natural moisture and actually adds more moisture from aloe, glycerin, ceramides and hyaluronic acid. Incorporating a moisturiser into your skincare routine right after you get out of the shower when the skin is still moist is important as it will bind water to the skin and make it more moist.

Drench your body in extra hydration this winter with our indulgent Body Butters. We reccomend that you try an antioxidant-based formula that softens and soothes skin.  It’s formulated to replenish and firm skin with collagen-boosting ingredients like organic seaweed extract. Moisturized? Check. Firmed? Double check.  

2. Brave Winter Weather With a Renewed Face  

In the winter, your face is exposed to the harshest elements. It’s no wonder you’re dealing with dry skin! Use rich creams that blends potent, natural anti-age fighters and antioxidant-rich moisturisers that work throughout the night to slow the clock, so you wake up with renewed, supple skin.

3. Protect Delicate Skin 

The skin around your eyes is some of the most delicate (and thin) on your entire body, so it needs extra care during the winter months. Use repairing Eye Serum will give the skin around your pretty peepers a much-needed boost. We’ve got our eye on the prize with this natural skin care product.

4. An Overnight Success  

Our Nourishing Dew Mask is a natural skin care product that we like to call our “fountain of youth.” Just one overnight application of this face mask and you’ll wake to intensely hydrated skin and reduced appearance of fine lines and inflammation. Waking up has never looked or felt so good!

5. Reveal a Softer Side 

We always say that extremely dry skin needs an extremely efficient solution, and it’s no wonder our Sugar Scrubs work like a charm on dull, dry, winter skin. Packed with natural moisturisers like organic shea butter, organic raspberry butter, and organic aloe, this exfoliating sugar will scrub, buff, and shine new life into your skin. And, with delicious scents like Bourbon Vanilla, Frosted Pear, Pomegranate, Lemongrass, Lavender, and Coconut, there’s something for everyone.

6. Keep Lips Kissably Smooth

This winter, kiss those chapped lips goodbye once and for all with a lovely plant powered lip scrub. A little pot of magic  can go along way and includes gentle exfoliants and natural moisturisers that smooth and soften those luscious lips.




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